Cochecho Country Club currently has a wait list for golfing memberships

Classification of Memberships

Couple/Domestic Partner – Golf memberships are for those whose oldest golfing spouse has turned 36 years of age by January 1 of the membership year. Couples/Domestic Partners and their immediate family members under the age of (21) or under the age of (23) if a full-time student, enjoy full golf, swim, dining and social event privileges. Once a family member turns (21/23), the children of golf members may join as a Young Adult member with payment of the applicable dues. Upon the oldest spouse/partner attaining the age of (65) with a minimum of (10) ten consecutive years as a full member, a (10) percent dues reduction will occur upon notification by the member.

Single – Golf memberships are for an individual golfer who has reached the age of (36). Their spouse and immediate family members enjoy swim and dining and social event privileges. Children’s Annual Golf fee if over age 11.

Corporate – Golf memberships are issued in the name of the corporation or LLC and must name a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of six (6) corporate members for a period not to exceed 20 years. These are non-voting memberships and give the each corporate member Single Golf privileges with their spouse and qualifying children entitled to swimming and dining amenities of the club. These company designees may be changed once annually, as the company dictates.
Young Adult – There are three classifications of Young Adult Golf membership offered for singles or couples. Young adults and their immediate family members enjoy full golf, swim, dining and social event privileges.
  • Ages 21 – 25. Upon turning (26), the following year they will pay requisite dues for the 26 – 30 class.
  • Ages 26 – 30. Age is based upon the age of the oldest golfing individual as of January 1st each year.
  • Ages 31- 35. Upon turning (36), the following year they will upgrade to a Single, Couple or Social membership classification with no initiation fee and payment of the requisite dues. Y. Adults 26 – 35 will have voting privileges.
Junior – Golf memberships are for individuals between the ages of 12 through 20 years of age, or under the age of (23) if a full-time student and living at home. Applicable age is determined January 1st each year. Once the Junior Golf member turns (21) or (23), the monthly dues will convert to the applicable Young Adult membership dues level.
Children & Grandchildren – of Single/Couple or Domestic Partners, who are at least (12) years of age and who are under the age of (21) or under (23) if a full-time student and living at home, shall have the same privileges as Junior Golf members. An annual fee is required per child within the ages above. Children under the age of (12) will be allowed to play with a qualified parent or grandparent, with no guest fee and approval of the Golf Professional or their designee.
*The applicant’s age for membership classifications is determined on January 1 each year.

Social Memberships

There are three classifications of Social membership available for immediate family members and dependent children up to age 20, or up to age 22 if going to school full-time.

Social Clubhouse – Member’s immediate family and dependent children enjoy clubhouse privileges including dining, social functions and events.
Social Pool – Similar to Social Clubhouse privileges above, plus unlimited use of pool facilities.
Social Green Grass – Member’s immediate family enjoy all clubhouse dining and pool privileges, access to social functions and events, plus unlimited use of the driving range, putting green and practice areas.

Social memberships have no voting privileges.
Participate in golf lesson and clinics are encouraged and available with requisite fee.

Application For Membership